Grandfather, father and son

I was a son became a father and am now a grandfather. Being a son was tough in my youth, philosophical differences with my ‘dad’ on life, mundane ones such as music and literature and days spent fishing for carp, barbel and chub were a joy despite those differences. We didn’t have much money when I was a kid, dad used to run a mail-order catalogue and he must have done it on a pretty large scale to be able to bank the commission to pay for our Christmases. Mum was a housewife for many years until she became an office cleaner at the factory where my dad worked. That I suppose added some money to the family income but they weren’t brimming with cash. I passed to go to the local grammar school which went down a storm because of the cost of the uniform and books and sports kits that was essential, although I was one of the typical kids whose blazer was two sizes too big so it last three years, or I until my growth spurt. But I don’t suppose our meagre diet fostered that as I was still only 11 stone when I was 18 and considering I was almost if not 6 foot tall by then, wasn’t a lot of weight to be carrying…….



Well hello from the Mac …

Got in early today so I could leave early but still got lots done. Waiting on a email from the US to confirm a software upgrade has gone in. At home since 5pm and then a quick trip for some hairdressing (on me not by me) to tidy up the barnet.

Last night was interesting. Got home to find that the abdominal snowman had returned from Tignes and was not glued to the SochiTV. Having succumbed to snow-blindness I went for a walk. However on my return it seemed that most of the me-in-my-place rules had returned and the TV was quickly on Apple and a movie about lads being arses had been selected with no ‘is it all right if I dominate?’ or was by your leave! My dad would have thrown something at me for doing that. Sadly I got used to that sort of behaviour with my own teenagers before I moved-out so no surprise that I have no currency here in their home, despite contributing 800% more than he does.

Life goes on. I do sound bitter but there you go, it’s a matter of letting it settle but sometimes you have to vent ones spleen if not on paper but verbally so I told ‘mum’ that the level of selfishness and arrogance has got to stop because let’s face it whilst its comfortable, do-what-you-want and pay a low contribution he won’t move out, will he?

At home alone right now!  catch you later folks!


Monday catch-up

A new week and counting down to holidays. Seven weeks to go to a nice warm break in the Canary  Islands at my favourite hotel. To sate my thirst for some luxury we are heading off to London on Saturday to try to find a show in the West End and depending on the weather we will try to get on the cordon outside the red-carpet for the BAFTAs. 

Work presented a back-log of help-desk tickets from two days being off sick last week which were caught-up by just after lunch. The motive is to keep them down in single figures for the time that I am working alone. An impromptu meeting with my boss and his boss to explain my concerns about the disconnect on the main project we aren’t working on and the potential for disaster. As I explained we’re being thrown jig-saw puzzle pieces and we don’t know what the picture looks like. How can we be proactive on those terms? The biggest problem in all this is that when it’s all implemented and the fit hits the shan we’ll be expected to fix the issues in no time at all with no accountability being taken by those leading the project in our absence. My take on this now is to continue to do what I am asked without challenge to deflect any perception that I am a nay-sayer.

The scanning project moved forward a small-step today and will follow-up. 

more to come…..




so this weekend was just as good as last weekend but more family oriented. my mother is staying at my sister’s in Berkshire so we went to visit and also got the opportunity to visit my nephew, his wife and their new son, Reuben. I held him and kept him quiet for a while. Joey was watching the Liverpool v Arsenal game to he put it on pause whilst we we there but they’d scored 2 before we left. Great result for the Anfield crowd hammering the Gunners 5-1.

my great nephew

my great nephew

today we’ve noticed one of our fence posts has broken below the ground so need to get some DIY in place but at the moment it’s still standing. keeping fingers crossed.

I have joined Netflix this weekend so looking forward to watching House of Cards now. Have also set up LoveFilm instant for H so she can watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 9. Now in the good books for a while….