Monday catch-up

A new week and counting down to holidays. Seven weeks to go to a nice warm break in the Canary  Islands at my favourite hotel. To sate my thirst for some luxury we are heading off to London on Saturday to try to find a show in the West End and depending on the weather we will try to get on the cordon outside the red-carpet for the BAFTAs. 

Work presented a back-log of help-desk tickets from two days being off sick last week which were caught-up by just after lunch. The motive is to keep them down in single figures for the time that I am working alone. An impromptu meeting with my boss and his boss to explain my concerns about the disconnect on the main project we aren’t working on and the potential for disaster. As I explained we’re being thrown jig-saw puzzle pieces and we don’t know what the picture looks like. How can we be proactive on those terms? The biggest problem in all this is that when it’s all implemented and the fit hits the shan we’ll be expected to fix the issues in no time at all with no accountability being taken by those leading the project in our absence. My take on this now is to continue to do what I am asked without challenge to deflect any perception that I am a nay-sayer.

The scanning project moved forward a small-step today and will follow-up. 

more to come…..


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