Well hello from the Mac …

Got in early today so I could leave early but still got lots done. Waiting on a email from the US to confirm a software upgrade has gone in. At home since 5pm and then a quick trip for some hairdressing (on me not by me) to tidy up the barnet.

Last night was interesting. Got home to find that the abdominal snowman had returned from Tignes and was not glued to the SochiTV. Having succumbed to snow-blindness I went for a walk. However on my return it seemed that most of the me-in-my-place rules had returned and the TV was quickly on Apple and a movie about lads being arses had been selected with no ‘is it all right if I dominate?’ or was by your leave! My dad would have thrown something at me for doing that. Sadly I got used to that sort of behaviour with my own teenagers before I moved-out so no surprise that I have no currency here in their home, despite contributing 800% more than he does.

Life goes on. I do sound bitter but there you go, it’s a matter of letting it settle but sometimes you have to vent ones spleen if not on paper but verbally so I told ‘mum’ that the level of selfishness and arrogance has got to stop because let’s face it whilst its comfortable, do-what-you-want and pay a low contribution he won’t move out, will he?

At home alone right now!  catch you later folks!

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