Grandfather, father and son

I was a son became a father and am now a grandfather. Being a son was tough in my youth, philosophical differences with my ‘dad’ on life, mundane ones such as music and literature and days spent fishing for carp, barbel and chub were a joy despite those differences. We didn’t have much money when I was a kid, dad used to run a mail-order catalogue and he must have done it on a pretty large scale to be able to bank the commission to pay for our Christmases. Mum was a housewife for many years until she became an office cleaner at the factory where my dad worked. That I suppose added some money to the family income but they weren’t brimming with cash. I passed to go to the local grammar school which went down a storm because of the cost of the uniform and books and sports kits that was essential, although I was one of the typical kids whose blazer was two sizes too big so it last three years, or I until my growth spurt. But I don’t suppose our meagre diet fostered that as I was still only 11 stone when I was 18 and considering I was almost if not 6 foot tall by then, wasn’t a lot of weight to be carrying…….

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