Domestic fun

Alpha versus Iota

I learned an important lession in in-significance in the last two weeks. Alpha-girl  (AG) has now moved out so Alpha-boy (AB) almost within minutes has regained his place as the top of the pack. It was explemfied yesterday evening after mother-figure (MF) and I returned from two days not here – one night away.

We had eaten a late meal at one of our favourite haunts overlooking a marina and an extension of the Solent – she had wine I had a lovely Czech beer – it began with K and is posted on FB somewhere as part of an ubiquitous check-in when we are eating or meeting or just showing-off.

I digress – we had returned home probably 5pm and sat around not doing much apart from unpacking (see later) and just blobbed – I may have even dozed-off. At 7pm or thereabouts MF as she will now be known questioned the late arrival home of AB from work when in my experience he doesn’t usually arrive before 730pm and usually dons his PE kit and runs off to the gym for at least an hour coming back no earlier than 845pm and then wants to eat. He was defeated on all counts last night however – he didn’t go to he gym; came downstairs in his PJs (usual evening wear for 26yo hardworking pre-sales consultants I believe) and plops down on the ageing-sofa in what I affectionately call Hamilton’s Pole (something to do with being first on the grid). To his dismay I had already bagged the remote control and steered us into watching Wednesday night’s spoonful of Lord Sugar. At this point possibly during a lull of some kind now possibly 8pm he says “are you two not eating? At which point I replied ‘we had a late lunch in S!” followed by MF saying “I can cook you some chicken.”

The moral of this story is that AB still reverts to type very quickly when MF is in the house and I drop back to by position as ‘Iota-male’ (IM) – I did consider Beta-Male but the Crampton chap who writes in the Times Magazine has already nabbed that handle. Those of you familiar with the Greek alphabet will understand.

The packing or unpacking is extreme – we take more when we stay at Surrey’s flat in Dorset than if we were in a B&B. It was worse this time as the visit to the Swedish store resulted in another bag of goodies from Schnapps to shelves and shoe-boxes. This morning I have started the transition to the new storage but felt more inspired to share some facetious thoughts with my friends.