so this weekend was just as good as last weekend but more family oriented. my mother is staying at my sister’s in Berkshire so we went to visit and also got the opportunity to visit my nephew, his wife and their new son, Reuben. I held him and kept him quiet for a while. Joey was watching the Liverpool v Arsenal game to he put it on pause whilst we we there but they’d scored 2 before we left. Great result for the Anfield crowd hammering the Gunners 5-1.

my great nephew

my great nephew

today we’ve noticed one of our fence posts has broken below the ground so need to get some DIY in place but at the moment it’s still standing. keeping fingers crossed.

I have joined Netflix this weekend so looking forward to watching House of Cards now. Have also set up LoveFilm instant for H so she can watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 9. Now in the good books for a while….